Did You Know?
  • Processors are the brain of PC’s, impacting speed & performance.
  • RAM is the working memory of computers used to run applications.
  • For easy viewing, many people prefer a 14.1″ widescreen or larger.
  • At least 1GB is recommended for Windows operating systems.
  • Some desktops have built-in TV tuners to allow live TV watching.

Rent to Own Computers

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In this internet driven world, one can hardly make it through the day without using devices such as laptops and tablets. We all need these devices to stay connected with the world, while on-the-go! We offer the latest laptops and tablets at very low rental rates. Whether it is an ASUS Transformer notebook, an HP TouchSmart Laptop or an iPad Mini, you name it and we have it available for you to rent! Our team can deliver these products on the same day as long as the item is in stock and the order is processed before 5:00pm