Product Repairs

If for whatever reason during your rental term your product needs repair, just call your local store and Bestway will give you a free replacement while your current item is repaired or replaced. If your product fails AFTER you’ve paid your product off you will be responsible for any repairs on the paid-off item.

Bestway Club

If you’ve signed up as a Bestway a club member you get a one-year paid out product protection. PTS Direct Benefits will provide a member with a one-year paid-off product protection benefit, after the member owns the merchandise. This benefit will allow the member to have 1 year paid-off protection after the rental term has been completed and they own the merchandise. Protection is provided against product failure and mechanical breakdown of the merchandise not by external conditions. Without this benefit, any repairs required on products that have been full paid-out including home electronics, furniture, appliances, and computers would be the responsibility of the member.